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Subaru Sucks


I have created this web page out of frustration with Subaru of America, Inc. My objective is to express my opinions while encouraging current and potential Subaru owners to take action to reduce their bottom line.

My Mission:

Making Subaru own up to their ethical responsibilities.  If you own a Subaru vehicle up to the 2002 models you'll be interested in what I have to say!


Subaru Wheel Bearings

It all started when I purchased a used 1999 Subaru Forester back in 2005.  At that time a had heard nothing but good things about Subaru but wasn't quite ready to dive into the purchase of a new vehicle.  So instead I opted for a used vehicle in good condition with low miles, only 63,000. 
After less than one year and 5,000 miles use I noticed a strange metallic noise coming from the rear of the vehicle once I reached 45mph.  Not know what the problem could be, I had a mechanic friend evaluate the situation and he determined that there was most likely an issue with a rear wheel bearing.  Not having the proper equipment to make the repair, he recommended seeing the dealership. 
Upon researching this problem through the internet I noticed that wheel bearing failure was not exclusive to my vehicle, nor did it appear to be a rare occurrence.  In fact, many people have been having this problem making me wonder why a recall had not been issued in all this time!
In an attempt to resolve the issue, I contacted Subaru of America and spoke to a customer service representative who acted interested in my problem.  He said to take the vehicle to the dealership so they could determine exactly what the issue was.  By this time I already knew exactly what the problem was going to be and how much it would cost, left rear wheel bearing and $350-400 to fix.  I dropped my vehicle off and guess what?  The mechanic gave me a call and informed me it WAS the left rear wheel bearing that was going out and it would cost $355 to make the repair.   And, another big shocker, he found a couple more problems to be fixed as well.  So I contacted my representative at Subaru of America once again and he did his calling of the dealership dance.  Ends up he is not willing tp help me out in any way on the bearing, but he will offer me 50% off the cost to fix the other two problems. 
The Issue:
I believe the Subaru rear wheel bearings put into the older Subaru Forester as well as the Impreza models are defective.  Defective meaning they are pieces of crap that will not function properly no matter how many times they are replaced!  This is something a recall should be issued for, not something a warranty should have to deal with.  Why do I believe they are defective?  Simple, because once they ran out of the defective part# 28016FC000 rear wheel bearing they began to use the Legacy rear wheel bearing part# 28016AA030 when making the repairs.  The only reason to replace one bearing with another type is because of faulty performance.  However, they are attempting to cleverly make it appear as though they simply decided to make a bearing change after the fact. 
Subaru's Stance:
Instead of accepting ethical responsibility and ordering a recall for defective rear wheel bearings, I believe Subaru has decided to ignore the issue and play it off as though rear wheel bearing failure is not a significant problem.
Interesting, that's not what all these people are saying:
Maybe Subaru thinks that rear wheel bearing failures are not a safety concern and therefore don't warrant a recall.  Wow, well then how do you explain this?
Take Action!!!
Subaru Owners:
If you are having problems with your wheel bearings contact Subaru of America and complain.  They didn't help me but they might help you and at least their will be a record of the incidents.  And if you're not satisfied with their help, stop buying their products!
But more importantly, contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and complain!  If they receive enough complaints, the NHTSA will surely force Subaru to issue a recall and you won't have to worry about costs.
Potential Subaru Customers:
Show your dissatisfaction with Subaru by not purchasing their vehicles, hit them in their wallet!  I would highly recommend Toyota products instead.  I also own a Camry that has never given me any problems in six years and 100,000 miles.  Maybe Subaru will turn their act around in one way or another if they start seeing their profits deminish.

Questions or comments? Email me!